What are those new ads all about?

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What are those new ads all about?

As summer fades away and the colder temperatures of fall and winter take hold, people naturally start spending more time indoors – oftentimes in front of the television. There is nothing unusual or wrong with this, especially here in Iowa, where at least a quarter of the year is spent under the thumb of winter-like weather. It is what it is.

Mission Cancer + Blood has made the conscious decision to proactively share its story through advertising on radio and television, to a wider audience – and this is a good thing!  For anyone who has already worked with our talented physicians, specialists and staff, you know our community approach to oncology; where every patient gets their own care team and personalized treatment plan.  Through that team, a relationship is formed with each patient, and they receive a personalized level of hands-on care, guidance, and service that we believe is hard to match.  As a physician-owned, Iowa-based, private practice, Mission Cancer + Blood provides world class care 24/7 in a local setting, close to home and we want Iowans to know about us.

We have learned over time that those NOT impacted by cancer simply do not know that a local, community-based healthcare team of cancer and blood specialists is here for them, ready to provide the best possible care and treatment options for them if they are ever in need. We want Iowans, all Iowans, to know that we are here for them.  The level of cancer care we provide — with evidence-based treatments, tumor boards, genetic counseling, and clinical trials — matches or exceeds the care available anywhere in the state or country.

Bottom line, we are excited about – and immensely proud of – the care we provide, as demonstrated by the thousands of patients we have served since first opening in 1981. Today, we now have more than 23locations where patients can receive care from our talented team of highly experienced physicians and specialists. Better yet, we are proud partners with the Iowa Clinic, the John Stoddard Cancer Center at Unity Point, and the Richard Deming Cancer Center, at MercyOne Des Moines and work with them closely in providing the best care to our patients. From Fort Dodge to Centerville, from Oskaloosa to Corning, we are treating Iowans close to home, with world class care that is QOPI certified by the American Society of Clinical Oncology. 

This is at the heart of the story we are trying to share in the ads you may have already seen; and it is a story we will continue to build upon in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Why? Because our culture here – one that focuses on the delivery of compassionate care to those suffering from cancer or blood disorders with an urgency that matches their condition – drives our every move. Furthermore, we believe it is our calling and “mission” to uplift patients and their loved ones with hope, compassion, and evidence-based treatments on their journey to remission, recovery, or an enhanced quality of life.

Sounds like a good message (or approach to medicine) to share, right? We think so too!

Phil Stover, Chief Executive Officer

Mission Cancer + Blood

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