Mission Cancer + Blood Letter to Patients 4-15-2020

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April 15, 2020

Dear Patients:

The last 45 days have completely changed our world as we know it and has us all looking at new ways of getting things done. I want to assure you that Mission Cancer + Blood remains open to provide the medically necessary and life-sustaining compassionate care you are used to receiving from us. Our practice is committed to the health and safety of our patients, our staff, and our community.

As a practice, we began using Telehealth services in mid-March to provide safe and secure appointments for those that do not need to come into the office to see a physician or for treatment. This would include follow-up visits, appointments not requiring lab work, outreach clinic visits, chemo teaching, scan and biopsy results that do not have treatment following the appointment, genetic counseling and survivorship. We encourage you to take advantage of this option if you are able. We are happy to assist you in walking through any steps necessary to get this accomplished.

Late last week, we began using our clinic in Clive (12495 University Ave., Ste. 200) primarily as a lab draw location for patients that are not in active treatment. This location offers a space that is not located on a hospital campus. We also have the opportunity for shots to be given (at the discretion of the physician) at this location as well as conduct telehealth visits.

We are committed to keeping our staff properly protected for their benefit and yours. All staff is required to don a mask prior to entering the office. Once inside, additional personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be worn at all times. This includes gloves, a face shield, and in some cases, gowns and booties.  In addition, proper handwashing and sanitization of working areas is expected. We also have janitorial services at our Des Moines metro offices that have increased the number of times they clean and sanitize the restrooms and other common areas.

All Mission Cancer + Blood employees are self-screening (checking temperature, assessing symptoms, etc) prior to coming into work each day and then getting screened again prior to their shift starting. If someone starts to experience symptoms while at work they will be directed to go home immediately, and we will assist them in getting tested. They will not return to work until satisfactorily meeting all requirements of our return to work policy that goes above and beyond current recommendations.  As you may already know, we are also screening patients by phone 24 hours before any appointment as well as upon entry into our clinic.  We realize that this can be seen as redundant, but we are operating under an abundance of caution for the health of you, our patients, and our staff.

I understand how unsettling this constantly changing situation is and want you to know that we continue to be here to support you and provide a safe environment for you to continue to receive your care. We have put into place visitor restrictions that are temporary and meant for the safety of all at this time. We, along with you, look forward to the days when those that support you during this difficult time can be by your side for appointments and treatments. We sincerely appreciate the respect you have shown in honoring our visitor restrictions at this time.

The physicians and staff at Mission Cancer + Blood stand with you in this crisis. We acknowledge that all everyone once regarded as “normal” has been completely disrupted and we share your desire to return to the “normal” we all once knew as soon as we can.


Phil Stover, CEO

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