Insurance Changes in 2021? Let our Patient Assistance Staff know!

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Behind the scenes of our smiling front desk and our friendly clinical staff is an entire department of employees working on the financial side of your care. At Mission Cancer + Blood, we understand that the financial aspect of your care can be a source of stress and worry. Our dedicated Patient Assistance team is here to help where possible and get you focused on what is important.

Our Patient Assistance team has five members all working together to assist you in navigating the complicated world of medical billing and finances. Two of these team members, Amber Judge and Lisa VanValkenburg work as financial counselors to help our patients receive grants, copay cards, and other types of funding when they qualify. Financial Counselor Amber Judge states “There is nothing more fulfilling in a role than being in the position to see the look on a patient’s and family’s face when you have found financial assistance for them. It allows them to focus 100% on their care and recovery”.

Amber and Lisa are experts when it comes to finding patients additional coverage to help with out of pocket expenses. Both help patients fill out and submit forms, understand what assistance is available, and establish financial plans when necessary. These two use several internal and external resources to ensure they have gone down every avenue to get the patient assistance.  

At the beginning of year, the whole front-end billing team faces the task of confirming correct insurances, accounting for any changes that have happened, and securing additional or continued assistance. Financial Counselor Lisa VanValkenburg advises “Make sure you report any changes to current medical insurance as soon as you know to prevent delays in treatment. This includes complete changes or the addition of secondary insurance”.

We want to make sure we continue this care and support in 2021. If you will have any changes to your insurance in 2021, please contact our billing team at 1-515-235-8362 to avoid delays in treatment.  Our team is here to assist with these changes. Thank you.

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