Cost of care in a community oncology center like Mission Cancer significantly reduces the total cost of care for the same treatment!

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Study shows the cost of care at a community oncology center is less than treatment in a hospital-based outpatient setting

Mission Cancer + Blood has always offered world-class cancer treatment close to home and now a study has proven this type of care costs less than similar care provided in a hospital setting.

The study was co-authored by the American Oncology Network’s vice president of pharmacy operations. It examined the total cost of care among commercially insured patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

The study indicates that, while cancer treatment costs vary depending on where the patients receive care, the mean total cost was 29% lower in community oncology centers, like Mission Cancer + Blood, in comparison to the exact same treatment in a hospital-based outpatient setting.

Source: American Oncology Network, LLC

“When you’re battling cancer, it’s important to focus on getting better and channeling all of your energy into recovery,” said Phil Stover, chief executive officer of Mission Cancer + Blood. “But the reality is the cost of healthcare can be stressful. That is why this study highlights a significant difference for our patients – reduced cost for the same treatment.”

Mission Cancer + Blood has a team of financial counselors available for all patients. Their role is to help patients understand their insurance coverage and provide information on additional resources for which patients may qualify.

“We want to do everything we can to help ease the financial worry for our patients,” Stover said. “This study, and others like it that demonstrate the cost saving experienced at centers like Mission Cancer + Blood, is encouraging for us and, ultimately, for those patients who mean so much to us.”

While the study looked only at one type of cancer, the chart below shows the cost was lower across all treatment regimens. 

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