3-27-2020: Mission Cancer + Blood letter to Patients re: Fraud and Scammers

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As the COVID19 pandemic continues, we want to ensure our patients are well informed and have trustworthy information about the spread of the virus, how you can protect yourselves, and more. 

Unfortunately, in uncertain times like these, scammers view this as an opportunity to take advantage of people.  The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has issued a COVID19 Fraud Alert.  According to the alert, criminals are targeting Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries in a variety of ways, including door-to-door visits, social media, email, text, and telemarketing calls. 

These scams offer fraudulent and unapproved COVID19 tests to patients in exchange for personal information, some of which could be used to commit identity theft or fraudulent billing to Federal healthcare programs.  To protect yourself from these scammers, view unsolicited efforts to reach you or to sell you something with extreme caution. 

If you believe you have been contacted by one of these fraudulent scams, we encourage you to contact the National Center for Disaster Fraud Hotline (888) 720-5721 or [email protected].  For more information, please visit OIG COVID-19 Fraud Alert

Thank you,

Mission Cancer + Blood

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