Cancer Control EAQ202

Study #EAQ202

Improving Adolescent and Young Adult Self-Reported Data in ECOG-ACRIN Trials


Primary Aim: Conduct a pilot randomized controlled trial with AYAs to determine the feasibility and acceptability of completing PROs informed by AYAs’ priorities. AYAs will be consented and randomized to select five HRQOL domains from a dashboard (Choice PRO) at each assessment period or to five standard HRQOL domains (Fixed PRO; physical function, pain, cognitive function, social support, finances) at each assessment period. AYAs will complete baseline, 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month assessments which will include a combination of CATs and static short forms. Feasibility will be operationalized as ≥ 75% completed PROs and ≥ 75% acceptability. Feasibility and acceptability will be compared between AYAs randomized to Choice PRO vs Fixed PRO. Adherence boosters (reminder calls, text messages) will be used to minimize missing data and evaluated as moderators.

Exploratory Aim: Solicit AYA preferences for how their PRO data should be shared with them and/or their providers. To inform future research, AYAs will be asked if and how participants want their PRO data to be used by their medical teams as well as if and how participants want their PRO data to be shared with them and their families.

The investigators anticipate PROMIS CATs will increase capacity for PRO data capture, AYAs randomized to Choice PRO, who are given the opportunity to choose which PRO domains to complete, will have less missing data. The investigators expect the majority of AYAs will want PRO feedback for themselves, their families, and their providers. Findings will promote and sustain the inclusion of PROs in clinical and supportive care trials, providing AYA’s a voice and informing future patient-centered care tailored to the diverse needs of AYAs. By offering AYAs the opportunity to choose which PRO domains to complete based on relevance to their health-related quality of life, as opposed to completing domains pre-determined by the research team, the investigators raise the patient-centeredness of investigators assessment approach.

Sponsor: Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group


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