Breast WF-2202 

Study #WF-2202

Optimizing Psychosocial Intervention for Breast Cancer-Related Sexual Morbidity:The Sexual Health and Intimacy Education (SHINE) Trial


The goal of this clinical trial is to develop an effective internet-delivered program to help breast cancer survivors manage cancer-related sexual concerns.

This study is being done to find out if the study approach is better or worse than the usual approach to helping breast cancer survivors manage cancer-related sexual concerns. The usual approach is defined as care most cancer survivors get for their cancer-related sexual concerns.

Participants will complete a questionnaire and if they qualify, they will be assigned to one of sixteen groups of participants. Groups will get access to various kinds of help through an Internet-delivered program called SHINE, which was designed and is run by researchers at the University of Virginia Center for Behavioral Health and Technology. All groups will get access to education about sexual health after cancer: either a standard education website or an enhanced education web program. Groups may also receive up to three additional web programs on: talking to your clinicians about sexual concerns, and/or talking to your partner about sexual concerns, and/or increasing intimacy. Participants are asked to complete the SHINE program within 12 weeks.

After participants finish this 12-week period, the study team will ask them to complete a questionnaire to check in with the participant. The participant will be asked one additional time 12 weeks later to complete another questionnaire to see how the participant is doing. A participant will be in the study for 24 weeks.

Sponsor: Wake Forest University Health Sciences


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